Three Types of Greek Architecture Design That Go With Our Frames

Three Types of Greek Architecture Design That Go With Our Frames

About a month ago on the blog, we went a little bit into some sorts of Greek architecture that are useful for many of our customers who want to install one of our high-quality wrought iron frames into an overall building design context.

 We heard back from some customers who liked that post, and we’re going to continue here with some additional notes on certain kinds of useful Greek architecture.

 Specifically, there are different types of Greek pillars that represent particular historic styles. Some of these go very well with our geometrically designed wrought iron frame styles. It’s a good idea to know about some of them when considering how to outfit any part of a property, whether that’s a front door, a garden area (where some of our customers do use their frames!) or a back porch. (For an example of this, look at our Manhattan design!)

 So let’s talk about some of that – and some of our more literary or art history cognizant customers may recognize some of these design elements from a study of history.

 Doric Columns

 Doric columns are in some ways the workhorses of the Greek aesthetic.

 The Doric column is often represented as thick and solid, or stocky, without a lot of ornamentation relative to other designs.

 You can see examples of it mentioned in Greek art and literature, as well as in modern building design.

 Ionic Columns

 The Ionic column is often described as being less stocky than a Doric column, and more slim and elegant. It has some types of accents, including the use of what the Greeks called “volutes,” and may fit with a less rustic door and frame design.

 Corinthian Column

 Here, we’re getting up into the decorative category of Greek architecture.

 Corinthian columns are widely known as being slim and ornate, with volutes and various types of nature-based accents.

 What do all three of these have in common? For one, they’re excellent for joining with our wrought iron frames and designs for your property.

 You'll be the talk of the town, with excellent exterior aesthetic and style to burn, upping the curb appeal of your property and its potential resale value. 

 So browse the site, check out all of the styles, and pick the one that makes the most sense for your property. You’ll know that you’re getting something both durable and classy, something that is going to really add value to your home.