Greek Style Geometry And Design Choices

Greek Style Geometry And Design Choices

In combining modern e-commerce with good solid crafting and design services, we produce a lot of different styles and accents for customers.

 You can see this just by a brief look on the website, where you get a glimpse of a lot of various door and panel designs like those that are more naturalist or flowing, and others that are more geometrically rigid. Some are simpler and some are more complex. We try to offer a broad spectrum for our customers, because we know that enhancing your property isn't a one-size-fits-all project – that people like to have unique accents and flourishes in place on those exterior areas where they install our products! Customization is important, too, just ask anybody. 

 One of the design choices that we like, and a lot of our customers like, is the Greek style geometry design where end flourishes and caps are pretty much square or rectangular in nature.

 These can be attached to an array of other designs to form one of those eye-catching and aesthetic wrought iron shapes and structures that look good on your house or property.

 Lines or Curves

 The Greek style square geometry can be attached to a series of lines on a grid, or a set of smooth, flowing curves.

 For example, you can attach the Greek square design to an oblong interior frame element. Doing this creates a specific impression, and you can see that at work in our product gallery. One example is the MANHATTAN frame, a best seller. 

 Flat Top and Arch Designs

 These designs also get installed within a larger framing context.

 The exterior frame may be a rectangle, or an arch top. As an alternative, the design can feature what we call an “arch in flat top” – in this case, the frame itself is rectangular, but the arch is made within the geometry of the wrought iron design.

 Again, you can see this on display in the gallery. Check out the WISTERIA style or other neat designs. 

 Adding Flourishes and Features

 Some people want extra features on these designs, in order to accommodate door handles and latches or lock and key mechanisms, or some other part of a property installation.

 No matter what you want, you can get it from our quality design studio with a website that offers impeccable customer service and versatility for delivery to you.