Decorative and Functional

Decorative and Functional

If you look back through the blog, we talk a lot about certain design aspects of these wrought iron doors and frames, and how they delight the eye. But today we'll talk about some of the benefits of installing these items anywhere on your property, as we think about how we provide these for a wide variety of customers around the country. 

 Essentially, these designs are decorative, with their geometrical and pattern flair, but they’re also functional.

 Here are a few of the reasons that people choose to use these products to augment what's already in place at their home or property. 

 Front Door Security

 Front door security has a lot to do with access.

 When you have a fully solid door, you can't see who’s outside. You might have a peephole or some other kind of feature, but it's hard to interact through that - in fact, it’s not really possible. The same is true for small glass frame windows built into a door. You can't really have a conversation through one.

 One of the best aspects of these wrought iron doors is that you can open the inner door, have a locked door frame and proceed to have a conversation without allowing whoever is outside access to the interior of your building. It just makes people feel safer!

 Accent Installments

 Sometimes people install these wrought iron doors in a garden or other outdoor space.

 Here you're creating an ambiance for your property using high-quality gear that's going to last for a long time and help you to show off gardens or outdoor spaces in style.

 Sheds and Storage Areas

 These types of frames can help with security on auxiliary buildings, too. 

 Having another layer of lock and key security often helps to keep your valuable assets safe.

 Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

 Lots of people have a sun porch or similar patio design somewhere on the property.

 These patterned doors and frames can be great for separating spaces, while still allowing air to flow from one side of the door to another.

 That's a little bit about some of the top common uses for our wrought iron doors. Check out our catalog, which is always changing, and look for special deals on shipping and delivery as well as other concessions to you, the customer. Our new website allowed us to enhance our e-commerce capability and offer you more information upfront, so be sure to browse and ask any questions about these types of modern property amenities.