Transom and Mullion

Transom and Mullion

Let's talk about some of the design aspects that go into our high-quality wrought-iron doors and gate and frame work.


These are beautiful complex pieces of work. Architecturally, they are very intriguing and they integrate a lot of the stuff that only professionals usually know about spacing, geometry and much more.


When you look at some of the most impressive and most regal front doors in your community, you're probably looking at one of these wrought-iron frames that shows off a three-dimensional inset in a way that catches the eye and projects an image of wealth and style. Our customers love to order these durable exterior accessories to glamourize the façade of their properties, and for real logistical uses like security, as well. 


Let’s say a little about some of the specific spatial designs built into our door frames. 


The Transom


For those who don't know what a transom is, it's that part above the door that separates the door from what some people call a ‘topping window,’ especially in some island communities.


The transom supports that additional inflow of natural light above the door. Lots of people decorate a transom area with a fan light or other stained-glass apparatus or design. It’s sort of practical, but it is stylistically pleasing, too. 


The Mullion


The mullion is like the transom, except it's installed vertically on either side of the door. These are in some ways traditional additions, but they can be easier to add on some homes than on others. 


These are often considered helpful for security design. When they're installed on either side of a front door, the idea is that you can place curtains behind them and then peer through the curtain through the mullion to see who is standing at your door.


Combined with excellent lock and key technology, this accessory can be a good addition to your home security setup.


Transoms, Mullions and General Design


In a very general sense, the transom and mullion are there to accommodate more natural light and to provide a certain aesthetic for your home.


These additions can actually raise property values in terms of what the buyer experiences when they step through the front door.


So can our wrought-iron frames, which are made to fit your door and accent it well. Take a look at the catalog with warranties and everything else, and figure out shipping options. Look for special offers that will help you to make this attractive item part of your home’s curb appeal.