A Square Or an Archway

In designing the doors, windows and apertures for your property, you have style and form options to choose from.

One overarching question (no pun intended) is the shape of your door transom. Many of our designs are simply rectangular to fit existing door jambs and entries that are almost always built on 90° angles. However, for some high-end properties, including new build homes with traditional or ancient design, a top arch is something that you see from time to time.

Square and Arched Wrought Iron Doors

The square door, again, is the most common. An arched doorway shows that there was deliberate care and deliberate resources applied to make that curvature a part of the building frame. It can be harder to outfit one of these openings, too. Just think about the process of building one of these doors out of wood. 

Hybrid Designs

For those who want an arched top in a square doorjamb, there's also a range of hybrid designs that work pretty well. Check out our Wisteria flat top transom with an arch inside of it.

Like all of our other designs, this comes with the kinds of neat patterns that property owners use to outfit a home or other building in their own ways. For instance, some people like floral designs that actually have small roses or other flowers welded onto the metal frame design. Others like to get designs featuring the outlines of their favorite types of creatures, and accent them with those concrete lawn ornaments that you see for sale at florists and landscaping stores.

Another key use for our products is to create frame installations in exterior spaces, or add a sort of exterior cladding to walls and smooth surfaces.

Check this out, and you can find a lot more in our gallery for how we outfit properties all over the country with effective shipping and competitive delivery rates.

These simple additions can really make your property shine. Take a look at the FAQ and think about adding one or more of these designs to your doors, windows or other parts of your building façade, or for accenting patios, decks or other areas of your home. These truly versatile designs are of interest to some of the top interior and exterior designers in the country, but you can get them direct through us, with the kinds of care and attention that you deserve. Make things pop with durable designs that will stand the tests of time.