Wrought Iron vs. Steel Doors: What’s The Difference?

Wrought Iron vs. Steel Doors: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to buying new doors for your home, two of the most popular choices among homeowners today are steel doors and wrought iron doors. While both are made from metal, there are several differences you must be aware of to make sure you’re making the best decision. 

What Are Wrought Iron Doors? 

Iron is a naturally occurring element that’s found in the earth. To qualify as “wrought” iron, the iron must be mixed with iron silicate. Wrought iron also contains carbon, albeit in very small amounts. This makes it possible to heat, shape, bend, and weld the wrought iron.  

What Are Steel Doors? 

Steel is a man-made metal; it’s made by mixing iron and carbon together. The addition of carbon makes steel much more difficult to bend and shape. Keep in mind that a “steel door” can mean that the metal has been mixed with any number of components. For example, some doors can be a mixture of carbon, nickel, and iron. 

Which Is A Better Option?

Many homeowners assume that steel doors would be superior to wrought iron because steel has a higher tensile strength. The tensile strength of a metal is the maximum pressure that can be applied to it before it breaks. To put it simply, steel is extremely resilient. 

However, this is a common misconception. Yes, carbon makes steel a little stronger than wrought iron – the keyword here is little. There is not much difference between the two when it comes to their ability to withstand damage. So wrought iron doors are just as sturdy as the steel ones.  

The difference lies in one metal’s ability to be bent and shaped. Wrought iron can welded into different designed due to low carbon content, so if you’re looking for elaborate, decorative, ornate door designs, wrought iron is the clear winner. To achieve the same level of design with steel, it will have to be melted and poured into a special mold which is an extremely expensive process. 

If you’re thinking that wrought iron is more prone to rust and corrosion, think again. Steel can actually rust very easily. And while wrought iron can also corrode over time, it can be easily remedied by putting a special coating over it to make it rust-resistant.

Which Will Last Longer?

Talking about the longevity, wrought iron doors will – and do – last a lifetime. Homeowners who buy wrought iron doors once don’t ever need to replace them unless they want a different style or design. Steel doors are replaced quite a few times because, due to limited design options, they lose their appeal sooner rather than later. 

If you’re looking for an option which can customized to your heart’s content, you can’t go wrong with wrought iron doors. You can choose from dozens of options regarding ironwork, glasswork, designs, and create a door that’s unique to your home.