What to Consider When Picking a Front Door for Your Home

What to Consider When Picking a Front Door for Your Home

The front door is the first thing that a visitor notices and remembers. It can make a great first impression of your home. It introduces your personal style to others and it provides home security, can increase natural light, reduce noise and ensure energy conservation. 

Planning for a New Front Door

When designing the new front door entrance, one has the choice to complement the style of the property or to bring about a change. Glazing, fittings, finish, fixtures, door design and materials all play their part when it comes to deciding which door to get.

Complement or Contrast

Modern front entry doors have quickly become a popular option for new and old homeowners alike. The simplest advice which should be followed is to look for a door which complements the existing property style. For instance, a grand Victorian styled front door would look perfect in a nineteenth century property. However, that same door would not look as good if it were to be installed in a modern home which had only recently been built. 

It is harder to choose contrast rather than complement but it can be done in a sensitive way to make the home look amazing. Here are some other things which need to be taken in mind. 

Front Door Materials 

Now, there is a huge variety of choices when it comes to colors that are available for front doors. But, finding a front door of a certain material might not be the easiest of tasks. Front doors come in various materials such as solid timber, iron, steel, aluminum, traditional wood, glass and other materials. It is important to choose the door material wisely as the material influences the features offered by the door.


Glazing can change the entire look and feel of the front entrance. There are different types of glass formats and other formats that are available. Clear, patterned glass, tinted, clear, single-glazed, double-glazed and triple-glazed formats are just some of the types of options available. 

A thin vertical transom sidelights can be added with custom doors and Screen to make the house entrance stand out. Considering balancing the factors such as clear glass to allow the natural light to access the home and make it feel more accessible. 

Hinges and Handles

There are many fixtures and fittings which can be attached to the front door. One of these items is hinges and handles. Some of the usual fixtures of the door can be removed from the door to make way for new items. They help make the front door look more attractive. A doorbell can be added to the front door. Handles are the first thing that visitors come into contact with when they visit your home. Therefore choose ones which look good on the door. 


Finally, one of the most important things to consider when picking a front door is the level of security that it provides. Modern iron front doors are recommended as they provide the highest level of security.