Tips For Planning Your Driveway Security Gate Installation

Tips For Planning Your Driveway Security Gate Installation

Gated properties are not reserved for the suburban cul-de-sac neighborhoods; any property with a driveway can be outfitted with a security gate. Even small lots with minimal space can benefit from the beauty and security gates have to offer homeowners. 

Regardless of the size and scope of your security gate project, the most vital component to ensuring a smooth installation is planning. Suppose you are considering adding a security gate to your property. In that case, these tips will help you create a fail-proof plan for a successful installation process and satisfaction with the final result. 

Selecting The Right Spot For Your Gate

An essential aspect of your security gate installation planning is selecting the right spot for the gate. Look for a place that will allow your vehicle to safely exit the roadway into a waiting position while the gate opens. You must envision the gate opening fully to determine what objects, if any, will need to be moved out of the way. Also, determine if the ground is uneven or the driveway slopes to ensure the proper functionality of the gate is supported. 

Consider Options For Gate Placement

If your home is on a small lot with minimal driveway distance from the road to your car parking space, you may have little room for your security gate placement options. However, you must determine which type of gate function will serve you best such as the entrance swinging inward or outward or retracting. 

You should determine how close to your house you’d like the gate to be placed for properties with longer driveways. The further the placement is away from your home, the less you may see who is waiting at the gate. In this case, you may need to consider supporting technology such as a call box or security camera that allows you to buzz in your visitors. 

Seek Assistance From Gate Manufacturer

Security gate manufacturers may have a specific way that you need to measure for ordering their products. Some wrought iron gates made to order may require different measurements than a pre-fabricated metal gate, for instance. Seek the company’s assistance that makes your gate to ensure you are ordering the correct size, style, and functions required for your project. Getting the right product is essential to your ultimate satisfaction with your security gate’s operation and curb appeal