Style That Catches Your Eye – Winning Door Frame Designs

Style That Catches Your Eye – Winning Door Frame Designs

At Door Gate Depot, we offer the kinds of attractive wrought iron installations that really enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Along with a durable build and excellent precision, our styles are among the things that we're most proud of in promoting this range of useful and sophisticated home accessories.

What guides this kind of style?

Here are some of the different aspects of the design philosophy that helps us to create the unique displays and presentations that our customers enjoy.


Symmetry is a fundamental component of design that that supports finished products that look good when they are installed at a property. 

Studies have shown us that people appreciate design models that are neatly and precisely symmetrical over those that appear lopsided, or symmetrically less-than-perfect.

With that in mind, symmetry is something that we always keep an eye on as we create our frames because we know that this has value for our buyers.


If you're one of those word geeks that's into the history of typesetting and fonts, you're familiar with serifs – small lines that ornament the ends of our printed pen strokes.

However, if you look closely, you will see many of our door frames also contain these serif designs. One way to think of these is as small bunching 'fasteners' that gather together the individual strands of wrought iron lines and create order in an overall pattern.

Correctly placing and using serifs is another way to demonstrate great design. You'll see these items in play in our door frame designs, and that's part of what makes our products look classic and elegant when they're installed on your doors.

Precision Geometry

We think that all graphic designers should take trips to areas of the world where geometry is a basis for visual design.

For example, in those parts of the European world where the aesthetic hallmarks of some Arabic societies shine through, you see these many-pointed stars, slightly tapered or offset geometries, and ornate circles and curly-cues adorning pillars, panels, and arches of antique buildings.

We make it our business to borrow liberally from these kinds of designs because they are so effective in building those classic and modern styles that delight the eye. If you're putting good money into something that's both useful and decorative, you'll want designs that are more than just basic mediocrity.

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