Iron Vs. Wood Exterior Doors: There's a Clear Winner!

Iron Vs. Wood Exterior Doors: There's a Clear Winner!

Choosing the right exterior door for your home is an important decision that can impact your family's safety and security. While wood and iron are two of the most common materials used to make exterior doors, there is one clear winner when it comes to strength, durability, style, and low maintenance: Iron.

This article will discuss why iron doors in California are far better than wood exterior doors.

Iron Doors Are Stronger and More Durable

Iron doors in California are an excellent choice for any home because they are incredibly strong and durable. Compared to wooden doors, iron doors are less likely to warp, crack or rot due to changes in the weather or humidity levels.

These doors also provide better protection against intruders when compared to wooden ones — their solid construction and heavy weight make them harder to break into.

A Low-Maintenance Exterior Door Option

Iron doors require less maintenance over time than wooden doors due to their superior strength and durability. Iron doors are highly resistant to weathering, rot, or warping and will not need to be sanded, painted, or sealed regularly like wooden doors.

Exterior doors made of iron can often go years between needing maintenance. This makes them a great choice for busy homeowners who don't want to spend too much time maintaining their exterior doors.

Great Soundproofing and Insulation

Iron doors offer superior insulation from the elements compared to wood. Iron doors are more resistant to warping and cracking due to changes in weather or humidity levels, which can lead to better insulation. Iron is also a better conductor of heat, so it helps keep your home comfortable, even in extreme temperatures outside. 

This type of insulation helps reduce energy costs and can save you money in the long run.

Iron doors also offer superior soundproofing compared to wood. This is important for homeowners living in areas prone to noise pollution or wanting extra peace and quiet from the outside. The solid construction of iron doors and their thicker material make them much better at blocking noise than wooden doors.

A Fire-Resistant Front Door Option

The thick steel used to construct iron doors in California can withstand extreme temperatures and provide extra protection in a fire emergency. Iron doors are much more heat-resistant than wooden ones, which can easily catch flame or warp in high temperatures. Iron doors can also provide an extra layer of protection against smoke and fire, helping to contain the spread of flames and protect your home.

Iron Doors Offer a Wide Variety of Styles

Iron doors come in various styles to the budget and taste of any homeowner. From rustic designs to modern, contemporary looks, there is something for everyone. Iron doors can be customized with various colors, finishes, and decorative elements that can help enhance the overall look of your home.

Ready To Buy Iron Doors in California?

As you can see, iron doors in California provide many benefits. If you're ready to buy an iron exterior door for your home or business, check out our vast selection!