How to Make Your Front Door More Secure

How to Make Your Front Door More Secure

Did you realize a home burglary occurs every 23 seconds in the United States? Being the victim of a home burglary can be traumatic. One of the most common entry points burglars use when trying to gain access to a home is the front door. Instead of leaving your existing front door unsecured and vulnerable, you need to make a few changes. 

For instance, if your existing door is old and made of wood, you may want to consider the appeal and durability of a wrought iron door. Once you have your new door in place, making sure it is secure is crucial. Here are some of the things you can do to make your home’s front door more secure. 

Check the Condition of Your Door Hinges

If you are trying to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities your front door has, then inspecting it is your best course of action. Looking at every square inch of your front door is essential when trying to figure out how to make improvements. When performing this inspection, be sure to take a look at the door hinges. If your hinges are looking worn or are not functioning properly, replacing them is essential. 

Once you get your new hinges, be sure to pay attention to the size of the screws they come with. If these screws are extremely short, you may want to swap them out for longer ones. The further you can go into the frame of the door with a screw, the more secure your hinges will ultimately be. If you are unsure about how long your hinge screws need to be, consulting with a door installation professional is a great idea. With their guidance, you should have no problem securing your front door. 

Replace the Doorknob and Deadbolt

One of the most important parts of your home’s front door is the lock and the knob. If either of these components malfunction, it will be difficult to operate the door. As soon as you start to notice your deadbolt freezing up or your doorknob not working, you need to replace them. 

Ignoring this problem will only lead to it getting much worse. If you aren’t sure how to replace these parts of your front door, hiring a locksmith is a great option. Not only can they help you find the right replacement parts, but they can also install them in no time. 

Get Rid of Old Doors

Does your existing front door have a lot of visible damage? If so, you need to replace it immediately. Over time, wooden doors will start to lose their luster. Instead of getting another wooden door to install, you need to think about using wrought iron exterior doors. These doors are both very appealing and durable. Finding the best price on one of these doors is only possible when working with an experienced supplier. 

It’s Time For a New Front Door

If your existing front door is looking damaged or unappealing, it is time to call the team at Door Gate Depot.