How To Clean Your Iron Doors

How To Clean Your Iron Doors

Even though the iron doors are tempered for safety, thoroughly sealed to prevent water damage and complies with all building codes, they need some kind of cleaning every now and then. These iron doors are specially built to withstand severe weather conditions and high impact but they can’t prevent themselves from mud, dirt and rust. If you have children at home or live in a place where the weather is unpredictable, you need to be very careful whenever you plan to clean your iron doors. There are a few steps that you can follow before starting off the cleaning process.

Cleaning these doors can be tricky  

Before starting the cleaning process, you must make sure that the type of soap or cleanser you’re using does not damage the coating of the iron door. Try not to use caustic cleaners on the door. Surface sprays, window cleaners and harsh chemicals will permanently destroy the finish of the iron door. According to experts, it is always good to use a mixture of castile soap or any other vegetable based soap. You should mix the soap with water in a bowl before you start cleaning. Dip a clean lint-free cloth in the soapy solution and wipe the iron door thoroughly. Once you’ve managed to clean the door from top to bottom, you must wash the door with a water hose. After you’re done washing, you must dry the door using a clean lint-free cloth.

How to remove rust from iron doors  

Before you start applying the rust inhibiting primer, you need to scrape off the paint and rust from the iron door thoroughly. In order to complete this task properly, you can use a wire metal brush or sand paper. You can also use a drill with a wire brush attached to it. After you’re done scraping, you now need to clean the iron door with soap and water. When the cleaning part is finished, you need to dry the iron door with a lint-free cloth. Now is the time to apply the rust-inhibiting primer to the entire surface area of the door with a small paintbrush. You need to make sure to prevent the door from rusting again therefore try to apply the solution thoroughly and let the door dry properly. At the end, you can also apply metal paint color if required.

A few tips to keep in mind    

Always opt for plant based soaps since they are alkaline on the PH scale making them safer to use on metal surfaces than acid based soaps. Removing all of the rust is more important than removing all of the paint therefore, try to keep your focus on removing the rust completely. Besides from applying primer on the door, you can also apply kerosene in order to remove any additional rust. If the door is not situated in an open area, try to open all windows and use a fan to dry out the primer and paint.