Flat Top And Arch Designs

Flat Top And Arch Designs

As we continue to scale and grow this business, we see certain trends emerging in what people purchase for home improvement.

Today, let's talk about some important design choices when you're ordering these elegant sets of window and door frame designs. These are important thinks to think about when you are shopping!

Flat top and arch designs determine what your door looks like in the setting of the wall that it's installed in. Some of these are easier to install than others, and each has its own visual effect.

Simple Flat Top Designs

Many of our door designs come with a simple rectangular flat top frame that integrates well into a existing doorjamb.

To some people, these are widely preferred because they’re so much easier to install. But others like some of the other designs we’ll talk about below.

Arch Installs

Some of these doors are actually arch-shaped, which necessitates an installation that's curved at the top.

Many of these are put into high-end customized properties that builders create according to detailed customer specifications. In other words, the building is being built for the arch itself.

That's important, because this type of installation isn't the easiest thing to do. Curved framing requires some particular engineering choices, and some more sophisticated methods. It’s costly! So the appeal of the curved top frame depends on the builder and customer budgets. 

Arch in Flat Top

Now here's the hybrid design that's really catching on in a lot of places around the country…

The ‘arch in flat top’ design has an arch top to the door, but it's set into a rectangular interior frame.

So with this type of door, builders don't have to create a curved or angled frame. You simply install the rectangular portion, and you visually see the arch inside of it.

In addition, we fill each uniquely curved space with elegant scrolled materials and patterns.

The Design Context

A while ago, we talked to some of our designers about how to best follow the design trends around these door models.

One thing that they brought up is that these actually have a classical type of design – that the curves and elaborate scrollwork sort of hearken back to earlier times. People think about that subconsciously as they choose these door frames, and it’s something that we value in putting together our catalog.

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