Effective Ways To Improve Front Door Security

Effective Ways To Improve Front Door Security

New homeowners are usually surprised to learn how much responsibility comes with owning a piece of residential property. Not only do you have to stay one step ahead of repair issues as a homeowner, you also need to outsmart burglars to keep your residence safe. Billions of dollars are spent by homeowners in the United States annually in an attempt to avoid burglaries. While having a state-of-the-art home security system is a good start, you need to do more if you want to avoid being robbed.

When attempting to gain access to a home, one of the first places a burglar will go is to the front door. If your front door is not properly secured, a burglar can use it to access your home and steal what they want. Below are some effective ways you can improve front door security.

Check Your Deadbolt Strike Plate

One of the best additions to any front door is a deadbolt lock. When this lock is activated, a metal cylinder will rest inside of a metal plate in the door. This essential lock component, known as the strike plate, is attached to the door jamb with screws. Many of the screws that come standard with these plates are both short and not very durable. If a burglar has time and the amount of necessary force, they can break the strike plate. This will make the deadbolt lock you have in place virtually useless.

This is why you need to replace the short, flimsy screws that your strike plate came with. Using longer and more durable screws will add lots of resilience to this part of your door lock. With these new screws in place, you can keep your deadbolt from being breached.

Think About Replacing Your Existing Front Door

There are a number of front door materials that are nice to look at but offer very little in the way of security. For instance, if your existing front door is made from wood, you will have a hard time keeping burglars from kicking it in and taking what they want from the inside of your home. Instead of waiting until a burglary occurs, you need to take action now by replacing your wooden door with a durable wrought iron option.

Wrought iron is not only durable, it will also last a long time with a minimal amount of maintenance. At Door Gate Depot, we have lots of wrought iron door designs for you to choose from. 

Putting Security Film On Front Door Glass

Many of the front doors you find on the modern market feature glass in the design. There is no denying just how beautiful glass can be, but it does pose some security risks. If you want to add more security to a front door that has glass in it, investing in a security film is a great idea. With this film in place, it will be nearly impossible for burglars to break this glass and gain access to your home.

Now that you know about how to secure your front door, it is time to get to work.