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Are Wrought Iron Doors Energy Efficient?

Are Wrought Iron Doors Energy Efficient?

Are Wrought Iron Doors Energy Efficient?

Homeowners and property owners across the globe are investing in the security and durability of wrought iron doors. At Door Gate Depot, we know the benefits of utilizing wrought iron doors, but are they energy efficient?

With the rising price of gas and electricity, smart property and homeowners are always looking for ways to cut costs. They must consider the impact of all elements of their structure and how they affect energy efficiency. Here’s the breakdown of how wrought iron doors will help you save energy.

Insulated Iron Doors

The law of thermodynamics tells us that hot things will get cold, and iron is an excellent conductor of heat. This means it not only brings heat from the exterior in, but it can conduct heat from the interior outside as well. This seems like a huge flaw, but due to the superior design, wrought iron doors are made for savings.

To combat the conductivity of iron, the doors are made using thermal breaks, a form of insulation that creates a barrier between conductive material to prevent energy loss. This means that iron doors typically aren’t solid iron, but rather two pieces separated by a piece of insulation inside to prevent heat loss or gain.

Thermal Rated Glass

The same method applies to the glass of an iron door. Most iron door glass is coated with a finish that helps reflect the sun to make it even more energy efficient. Since more iron doors are fabricated with large windows, which allows for natural light to enter, most custom wrought iron doors are designed with dual paned glass sections to offer ultimate energy efficiency.

Tight Weather-Stripping

The US Dept of Energy estimates that the average American home loses about 30% of its energy through gaps under doors. The best wrought iron doors are those that have tight weather-stripping around the windows and the door itself.  Quality weather-stripping installed by our professionals ensures that there isn’t a place for water or air to leak into your home.  This is the only way to know that you’ve got the highest quality iron entry doors on the market.

Custom Designed

At Door Gate Depot, our team builds custom iron pieces for your home that are made to fit the owner’s specifications. While wrought iron can be used to make beautiful combinations, they can also be made to the exact size you need with every element fitted to work for your unique doorway.

The insulations, glass, and fabrication used is completely in your hands. In addition, you can infuse the design with your own style and design elements. From geometric patterns to organic elements, you can have your iron entry doors completely custom to your property.

For more information on our high-quality, wrought iron doors, contact Door Gate Depot. We can schedule an appointment to give you an estimate for the services you need.